Why Use 3D Peel and Stick Stone Veneers

Self-adhesive stone veneers make work easier and save on your budget

Thanks to the innovative self-adhesive technology, installation of the stone veneers can be done by anyone! The ALFIstick® veneers feature with an adhesive layer, so you just stick it to a selected wall in the interior (not for exterior use).

This makes installation easier and you can do without a paid professional service. Our company is an exclusive distributor for self-adhesive stone veneers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. Slate, marble, sandstone and quartzite veneers are available in your popular colours.

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5 reasons to choose ALFIstick® self-adhesive veneers

ALFIstick® has several benefits that make it a top favourite of our portfolio. Let’s have a closer look at these advantages.

1. Installation is a breeze

Thanks to the self-adhesive technology, you will perform the installation yourself and in a much shorter time. Simply remove the protective film and press the stone veneer on the pre-treated surface. The installation is more like laying out cards than doing hard labour.

TIP: check the instructions and instructional video in the Installation section.

2. Save money on installation and adhesive

Installing ALFIstick® veneers is much easier than conventional products and can be done even by customers who would not dare to do other more technical installations. In addition to the adhesive, you will also save on paid assembly. If you still want a professional fitter, we have them ready to help you.

3. Wide selection of genuine natural stone

Slate, quartzite, sandstone and marble – choose from popular types of stone, each available in several colour variations. Therefore, you can easily find a stone that will fit both your taste and the interior of your flat or house like a glove!

4. 3D design for an extra stylish decoration

In addition, ALFIstick® features a three-dimensional “3D” design that creates a remarkable visual effect. Thanks to this, the stone will strongly impress you and your visitors at every single glance.

5. Decorate your living room, kitchen, bathroom or fireplace

Whether you want to beautify your living room, hall, reception, bathroom or kitchen – ALFIstick® veneers give free rein to your plans and imagination. Should you want to install the product in places with higher humidity or temperature (bathroom, kitchen, fireplace…), make sure to pre-treat it first with an impregnation sealant. With a wide range of application temperatures, from -40°C to +120°C, you can install the veneers practically anywhere in your interior.

Impregnation sealants, specially designed for the stone you choose, can be found HERE.

About ALFIstick® Peel and stick stone veneers

Our 3D self-adhesive stone veneers consist of very thin layers of natural stone covered with adhesive. They are equipped with a protective film which has to be removed before installation. The best is to lay out the product on a pre-treated, smooth, clean and flat surface. You can adjust the shape and size making a cut-out – shears or a circular saw will come in handy. Find complete information about installation and subsequent maintenance HERE.

We offer a 5-year warranty for interior stone veneers ALFIstick®, as well as other stone veneers and products from alfistyle.cz.

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